P90X3 – Pilates

I tweeted before my Pilates workout this morning that I didn’t even know what Pilates was. I guessed stretching similar to yoga. Boy was I wrong. Pilates is HAAAARD! Yoga can be too but for me it’s mostly a balance issue. I admit I was not mentally prepared for what this workout was going to bring. You know, I see Accelerator, or The Warrior and I know I’m probably going to get my ass kicked. Pilates just doesn’t sound intimidating.

Tony starts out Pilates explaining how to breath while doing Pilates. I struggled with it through the entire workout. I kept having to remind myself to breathe correctly.

As with every workout in P90X3 the pace is fast. The degree of difficulty starts out fairly easy and they get progressively harder as the workout goes on.

If I had to rank the two I would say that I prefer Pilates over Yoga. They’re similar but different. Both do require and help with flexibility. I feel Pilates separates itself in requiring more core strength. I got a great burn and was drenched by the end of it. Without doing the first jump or lift a weight. It’s a glorious feeling.

And got a great workout and core did too. I look forward to it when it comes up in the rotation again. I will be prepared this time.

Also in an interesting twist Tony’s girlfriend Shawna (sp?) makes an appearance in Pilates. She is very attractive as you would expect. This does throw a wrench in the subplot of my workouts though. I have always going the tension between Tony and Dreya to be entertaining. Now Tony’s girlfriend is in a workout. My how the plot has thickened. I doing myself looking through workouts I hadn’t done yet to see of there is a possibility that Dreya and Shawna could be in a workout together. This would be must see TV. Anxious to see what develops.
Like sands through the hourglass.


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