P90X3 – Isometrix

Today is the first day of my Transition Week in P90X3. First workout up is Isometrix.

Don’t let the name fool you, this is a yoga workout. I admit when I first started the DVD I was a tad disappointed to be doing another yoga workout. Then I saw Dreya was in it so I perked up some. As with everything so far in P90X3 the pace is quick enough to not let your mind wonder. I had problems doing yoga in the original P90X just because it was so drawn out. I would start day dreaming and lose focus.

Isometrix alternates upper and lower body yoga moves throughout the entire workout. Each move is also 45 seconds each. 45 seconds for some these moves is brutal! Tony says in the beginning that these are the hardest yoga moves. I would agree. Looking ahead on my schedule I believe I will only see this during my transition weeks. I can’t say I want to do this workout more than that. Nothing in it really stands out to me. It’s not a dud but another yoga workout just doesn’t get me too excited. I did get a nice sweat going but I would prefer the normal yoga in P90X3 over Isometrix.

Now the cast in Isometrix is Dreya, Ted and some other guy with long hair, I can’t remember his name. Dreya looks stunning as you would expect. Besides calling her beautiful a couple of times Tony seems to control himself pretty well. He does look for excuses to touch her to “correct her form.” That Tony is pretty sly. Nothing has changed in their relationship as far as I can tell. Just the same awkward tension. Dreya sarcastically laughs at one of Tony’s jokes, which I found entertaining. But yes Dreya looks great and her flexibility is amazing.

As I said, Ted is also in Isometrix. He is impressive in Isometrix but he doesn’t wow you like he does in Yoga. In Yoga he does some unbelievable moves that no other human on earth could possibly duplicate. I have a love/hate relationship with Ted. I love seeing what he can do, but it also frustrates me because I know there is no way I could possibly ever do what he does. The guy is amazing.

I wouldn’t call Isometrix a “filler” workout but it just left me wanting something. Like I said I enjoy Yoga in P90X3 but Isometrix just didn’t do much for me. I will crush it when it comes up in the rotation but won’t be looking forward to it. Except to see Dreya of course.


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