Recap of Week 2 – P90X3

So hard to believe I’m already through 2 weeks of P90X3.  To be perfectly honest, not much has changed from Week 1 to Week 2.  I would say the biggest change I have been able to see is that I am able to do some of the moves easier than when I first started.  This is due to my flexibility improving mostly I believe.  For example, when doing Plyo Push Ups in Week 1 I felt like my body was about to rip in half.  In Week 2 the move came to me easier.

I remember in P90X it was hard for me to “see” improvement.  Between Day 1 and Day 30 there was hardly any change to the naked eye.  After Day 30 the fat just began to melt off, muscles began to show that I didn’t know existed, abs began to peak through.  Nearly every morning I would look in the mirror and say “Huh, look at that.”  It was a great feeling, and I am anxious to get to that point again.

With that said, this week has been a major struggle for the diet.  Today has actually been the worst.  Cravings have been nearly unbearable today.   I’ve been craving bad food, and by bad I mean a double cheeseburger(s), a whole pizza to myself, stuff like that.  I’m not really sure where it came from.  The first week and a half were pretty easy honestly.  If it wasn’t for Twitter, I would have definitely caved by now.  Twitter for me is like therapy.  If I’m feeling a craving, I’ll throw it out there and someone usually very quickly helps me get my mind right.  I really wish I was as strong willed as some people I know.  I just don’t have it.  Especially when it comes to food.  The day is coming when I am going to eat until I hate myself for it.  I apologize in advance but just giving y’all fair warning.

For those interested, nothing changed between Dreya and Tony between Week 1 and Week 2 of P90X3.  Some will get that joke, some wont, and that’s ok. I plan to write a full blog post at some point on it.

I said it earlier, but Twitter is amazing.  I’ve loved Twitter for years.  After I registered this blog I decided  I would create a Twitter account to go along with it to document everything. I have met some really great and helpful people on there.  I would highly recommend anyone going through P90X3 to search the hashtag #P90X3 on Twitter and pick some people to follow and join the conversation.  It has been a blast. One warning though, some coaches can be too persistent.  I did not have a Beachbody coach when I first started.  I was talking to a few people on there and one of them volunteered to be my coach.  I accepted and she has been awesome.  With that said I have gotten about 20 direct messages (private messages) on Twitter from coaches asking to be my coach.  Nothing wrong with that, they are just trying to make a few dollars, but their tone when you tell them you have one can be somewhat sour.  I’ve been offered bribes (free product), to switch coaches.   There just seems to be a small fraction of the coaches that do some unethical things that aren’t fair to the good coaches. 95 percent of the coaches I’ve come across have been extremely nice and helpful. As with every business you have good and bad people in it, the good greatly out weigh the bad but some of the coaches reflect poorly on Beachbody.  Possibly they need to vet their coaches more, be more stringent?  I don’t know the answer, but they represent the whole company, they should act like it and represent Beachbody well.   As they say, a few bad apples…..


On to Week 3!


One thought on “Recap of Week 2 – P90X3”

  1. Just read this after I replied on previous post! (At least I’m reading in order 😉 )
    To make clear, I am not affiliated with anyone other than myself. I am not looking to be a coach. I am a fan in general of P90X, but for Beach Body, your experience with SOME of their coaches is completely understandable. This is copied and pasted from their come-on to join and be a coach on their website: “Do I need to be a fitness expert?”
    “No, you don’t need to be a fitness or weight-loss expert to become a Beach Body Coach.” What kind of coaches would coach something they need/have no expertise in? ESPECIALLY with the most important thing in the world: your health? The kind that see an easy income stream. Or I should say, pyramid stream. To be a Beach Body coach, you sign up, agree to pay THEM $30 monthly, and then fight it out to see who can “sign up” the most consumers (hence their aggressiveness: no affiliate, no affiliate marketing pay). Once you’re a part of the ‘team’, as you mentioned previously, they then hit you with all of the extras and addons for supplements, information, gear, etc… They are not a quarter billion dollar company from selling DVD’s.
    Your coach, and obviously I’m speaking from complete ignorance as far as direct communication, states in her bio that she had her last child over a year ago, and still “doesn’t have the body I want”, but has lost weight in that time. I’m going to coach you, with no education or experience in this area, at something I have yet to figure out myself??
    No matter my opinion, if she is wonderful and is helping, that is awesome. But to me, no reputable health company would have representatives pay THEM to be put in a position of trust. Nor would any reputable people give advice/coach on health after only having to sign up and pay the fee.

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