My P90X3 Program, Diet, and Equipment

I have been asked several times which routine I am doing in P90X3, as well as my diet, and whether I use bands or dumbbells.  I’m going to take a few minutes to address those questions and give everyone a rundown of how I am doing the program. 




In P90X3 you have the 4 different routines you can choose from:  Classic, Lean, Mass, and Doubles.  These I believe are pretty self explanatory but if you would like more info on each in detail go to


I am doing the Classic routine.  I would suspect this is the most popular routine among P90X’ers.  Having done one round of the original P90X, while it had been awhile ago, I went ahead and chose Classic again.  With that said, I do have an athletic background and am no stranger to physical activity, working out and having people like Tony yell at me and tell me what to do.  If you do not have an athletic background, or exercise is a new thing to you, you might want to check out the Lean Routine.  I wouldn’t take that to mean Lean is easy, I just believe I would try it first if I was a rookie. 



My diet is terrible. Ok, its gotten better since I started back on P90X3, but I am still no angel.  It may not be much to some of you guys and gals, but I have not eaten in a restaurant in 4 weeks.  That for me is HUGE!  Not to mention the fact that I own several restaurants.  I can’t even eat my own product.  I had a bad bad habit of eating fast food.  Around Thanksgiving I was trying to remember the last time I went a DAY without eating fast food and I honestly couldn’t remember.  Me being able to cut that of my diet alone is a huge improvement for me.  Since Thanksgiving my wife has done an unbelievable job of preparing me fresh meals. 

Pretty much for all snacks I eat fresh fruits and raw vegetables.  I have not had any meats besides grilled chicken and salmon.  For lunch and dinner I eat either salmon or chicken and pair it with raw vegetables.  For breakfast I have being drinking a Shakeology drink and eating fresh fruit.  They say that Shakeology is supposed to be a meal replacement but it just doesn’t cut it for me.  I must have some sort of solid food to get my day going, or at least I think I do.   I do enjoy the Shakeology drink though.  I find them delicious.  The do provide many different recipes that you can use to mix it up for you to prevent burnout.  I try to have a different flavor 3 or 4 times a week.  I have only tried the chocolate flavor.  I do plan ordering vanilla in my resupply and I will let you know how that one is.

The diet really hasn’t been too difficult.  Since starting P90X3, I have been hungrier than usual but besides that it hasn’t been too bad.   P90X3 does come with a nutrition guide on what they recommend.  I honestly haven’t read it all, which is probably a mistake on my part. I just checked to see what meats I can eat and get a general idea and went from there.  Some of you more disciplined folks probably have taken time to read it all.   I’m not a know it all but I do know what bad food is and what good food is.  I have been able to cut out the bad food.  I believe I am heading in the right direction. 



One of the more appealing aspects of the P90X programs is the small amount of equipment needed to do the programs.  In P90X3, as with all P90X programs, you will need a pull up bar, weights or resistance bands and that’s pretty much it.  You do have a few options such as yoga blocks, yoga mat, and push up stands but I can’t think of anything besides those. 

I use resistance bands instead of dumbbells.  For me, I like the convenience of them and they hardly take up any space.  I used the resistance bands in the original P90X and they have suited me fine so far in P90X3.  I use 3 different bands of varying tension.  You will need at least 2 or 3 different bands.  Most people will be able to do much more weight in curls than in should presses for example.   Part of me would like to try a round of P90X with the dumbbells to see if I see different results.  We will see. 

As far as the pull up bar you have many options to choose from, but you do need to choose one.  P90X does say you can get a doorway adapter and use bands on it to replicate pull ups but I just cannot see that working. Sure, if you have specific needs and you cannot do a traditional pull up, try the doorway adapter and use bands.  If you are capable of doing a pull up, get a pull up bar.  Any sporting goods store or Amazon will have many to choose from.  P90X also sells one.  It looks nice but mine from Dicks has worked just fine.



As I said earlier, I have been drinking Shakeology.  Outside of that I do not take any.  They have GOBS of supplements available on the P90X website.  I have no clue if any of them work.   I am always hesitant on things where they keep your credit card and automatically send more when its time.  This isn’t just in the case of Beachbody, but with a lot of companies.  I would just prefer to order things when I want them and not have my credit card hijacked. 


I am still LOVING P90X3.  I honestly love everything about it.  I weighed in at 215 yesterday.  That is down from my starting weight of 222 just 9 days ago.  I can’t “see” the weight loss so I’m not sure where I am losing it. I do not know that that is ALOT of goo to lose in 9 days.  While I cant see the weight loss, there is no mistaking how much better I feel.  Tons of energy, endorphin highs everyday….its an amazing feeling. 



4 thoughts on “My P90X3 Program, Diet, and Equipment”

  1. Again, nice work!! Especially the fortitude to put down the meals out. Especially again as a restaurateur .
    You were not looking for nutrition/diet information, (if so, you might have read the entire nutrition manual that came with the P90X3 🙂 ) As someone who does this for a living, for over 20 years, here are a couple of thoughts:
    Fruit is not a “health” food, in my opinion. The main macronutrient is fructose (carb/sugar). Is it better than a candy bar? Maybe. Does it have nutritional value? Definitely. Does the nutrition (vitamins/antioxidants) outweigh the insulin spikes from the sugar? I would say absolutely not.
    I would put Shakeology in the same category. Does it have vitamins and minerals in it? Yes. Is the science behind it sound, and is the main protein source (pea) optimal? Definitely not. Not to mention that you are paying a LOT of money for a tasty, drinkable vitamin. (But if it helps you stay on track, that’s a good thing.)
    As for supplements, I am with you on not wanting to have a ‘never ending’ product that you are billed for. I would say that there are 3 ‘staples’ that have copious amounts of science and anecdotal backing: 1) Whey Protein: what your Shakeology is missing. Made up of amino acids, the most important for muscle growth/repair being Leucine, which whey is loaded with. 2) Glucosamine and Chondroitin: Joint repair/lubricant. No contraindications (ALWAYS CHECK WITH HEALTH CARE PROVIDER). Proven. Inexpensive. And especially as we get past 30, important. However strong the muscles, if your joints hurt, there’s not much you can do. 3) Creatine: Supplies ‘extra’ energy/strength/endurance. Found naturally in foods (beef and herring being two that are very high in it). Most widely studied sports supplement. Contraindications are anecdotal at best, and I have yet to come across ANY with myself, or any clients I have trained. Also new research showing cognitive improvements, and many other benefits. Yes, creatine is a help in fat loss, as well. And VERY inexpensive.
    If any of that is useful, and you wanted actual specifics, just let me know. If not, take it as more support, good, sir!

  2. PS, yes, I realize Shakeology lists 15g of whey protein isolate. That amount is less than half of what I would recommend per ‘meal’, and what the science tells us is THAT is the one thing in the shakes that is having a positive effect. (probiotics can be useful, but not in the way the shake markets it)

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