Recap of Week 1 – P90X3

It’s hard to believe I have already completed week 1. I started this blog mostly just to document it for myself and hold myself accountable. If anyone actually read the damn thing made no difference to me. I have never had a blog, so I am new to all of this. My blog is lighthearted. (Example of lightheartedness). I take this seriously but I am going to have some fun with it. My first blog post was on December 15th and since then it has had over 1,100 views. I have been completely blown away. I am a numbers and stats junkie so I have really gotten into which blog posts are viewed the most, where do the viewers come from etc. Once I saw that people were actually interested I started doing some things to push it. Putting them out on Twitter, Google has now picked it up as well so that has helped. It has really been fun for me. Thanks to all of you who read, it really means a lot.

If you would like my review of each individual workout click on my blog and the top and you will see them there in order.

So week one is done. I feel the best I have in nearly 3 years. I really, really like the 30 minute format. It completely eliminates the “I don’t have time” excuse. The workouts are extremely challenging for being only 30 minutes long. I do feel like the results will be comparable to the ones I achieved in the original P90X. The great thing about that is they will be achieved with less than half the time invested. Time will tell, but I truly believe this.

Tony is as entertaining as ever in P90X3. The jury is still out on the rest of the cast. In P90X you have the legends like Pam the Blam. Oh how I miss Pam. Dreya is back, which is spectacular. Its also great to see that the tension between Tony and Dreya is still there. If you know what I’m talking about there you get it. If not just overlook it. I might be weird but I talk (yell) to (at) them. “Damn it Ted! Why do you have to jump that far!” Just for example. At some point I might do a full breakdown of the whole cast. It entertains me.

Originally I said I would post new pics every week. What’s been seen cannot be unseen. With this in my mind I decided it would be in everyone’s best interest if I just did pics in 30ish day intervals. I also just thought they might get redundant. I don’t look any different today than I did 7 days ago. I feel like a million bucks but unfortunately I cant post pics of how I feel. SO new pics will be posted in 3 weeks or so. If you desire to see them, here are my before pics. Below are measurements after week 1.

-Starting weight- 222lbs
-Waist- 41 inches
-Thigh- 25 inches
-Arms (relaxed biceps) 15″
– Max sit-ups- 12
-Max pull ups- 2
-Max push ups- 22

Week 1
-Weight 217 lbs(!)
-Waist- 40 inches
-Thigh- 25 inches
-Arms (relaxed bicep) 15″
-Max sit-ups- 18
-Max Pull ups – 6
-Maw Push Ups – 28

I have seen some nice improvements so far. I lost 5 pounds and really wasn’t expecting that. Once again I feel so much better though. Results will hopefully start steamrolling after a few more weeks.

On to Week 2!


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