P90X3 – Dynamix – Day 7

Wow! One full week already in the books. What a fun week.

On day 7 you have the option to use it as a rest day or use Dynamix. Dynamix is all about improving your flexibility. Some of you might not have issues with flexibility, but for me it’s a huge challenge.

The first 20 minutes you are put through a series of stretches all designed to help you perform other workouts better. At least that was my impression. Some of the moves in The Warrior or CVX that I have issues doing correctly hopefully will be improved with Dynamix as part of my routine.

The final ten minutes uses a lot of moves that I remember from Ab Ripper in the original P90X. After the first 20 minutes I had a light sweat on my brow, but after the final 10 I was dripping in sweat. An absolutely spectacular ab workout in the final 10 minutes of Dynamix. That reason alone should be enough for you to go ahead and do Dynamix instead of resting.

I do understand that some people want a rest day and if you do I would highly recommend to try and squeeze in Dynamix after one of your other workouts during the week. Time permitting of course. If you have time after Total Synergistics, or The Warrior I would recommend to do it after one of those. So pick day, if you take a rest day, to work Dynamix into your schedule. You’ll be glad you did.

As I have mentioned before there is no Ab Ripper in P90X3. In the original P90X, 3 times a week, you would do Ab Ripper after your workout was over. For me that was extremely difficult. You would go through this hour long workout and then do a 15 minute ab workout. In P90X3 Ab Ripper is incorporated into the workouts, but you wont won’t hear that from Tony. Its subtle but I believe it will be effective. There were times I would be so gassed after a workout that Ab Ripper was an extremely daunting task to get through.

So don’t skip Dynamix! If you take a rest day, complete it after you do one of your other 30 minute workouts during the week. You need it.


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