P90X3 – CVX Day 5

CVX in P90X3 is a cardio workout with a twist. You use weight with most of the moves. If it wasn’t already intense enough. I would have to say that this workout is the leader in the clubhouse for me as far as being my favorite workout in P90X3.

In the beginning of the workout you are asked to pick a weight, any weight. It could be anything from a basketball all the way up to a 12 pound dumbbell. They do not recommend going over 12 pounds regardless of your fitness level. So me feeling sprite I opt for a ten pound dumbbell. Needless to say this was a sufficient weight to make me get a good workout. This one had me feeling like I did after my first couple of rounds of Plyo in the original P 90X.

The workout starts fast, no warm up. The moves on the beginning are on the lighter side but still no warm up and no stretching. When it starts, it starts! The pace is absurdly fast. I believe 2 15 second breaks.

By the time it was over I was absolutely drenched. Definitely the best sweat of any of the workouts so far.

Tony is in an especially good mood in this one. He apparently has seen Despicable Me since he talks like Gru pretty much the entire time. I found this quite entertaining.

Great workout. Looking forward to it next week.


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