P90X3 – The Challenge

The fourth workout in week one is called The Challenge.  There is a lot of pushing and pulling in this one so be ready and make sure you stretch extra well. 

At the beginning of the workout Tony has you pick 2 numbers, the first is how many push-ups you will do on each move, the second how many pull ups.  For example, my numbers were 20 and 6.  This meant my goal was to do 20 pushups on each different variation of push ups, and 6 pull ups with each different pull up move.  Kind of confusing, but once you start it makes sense. 

For the most part my goals were pretty spot on, towards the end the pull ups were  EXTREMELY difficult. However, be prepared to save a little juice for last move called Burnout. The last 3 minutes you alternate between pull ups and push ups with no break.  I only made it through about 30 seconds of burnout due to my arms being like Jello.

In the original P90X they showed how to do pull ups with the assistance of a chair.  This has not been mentioned so far in P90X3.  If I had to guess I would say it is due to liability concerns.  I can see how someone could hurt themselves using the chair for assistance if they aren’t careful and say “OH P90X TOLD ME TO!!!” and then sue.  So if you are struggling with pull ups in P90X3 here is a video I found that can help:



The Challenge is a huge challenge just as you would guess.  I am definitely looking forward to it again.  Its one of those workouts that I will be thinking about all week hoping to beat my goals the next time I do it. 

I also had forgotten what an endorphin high felt like, unbelievable feeling.  I’ll be writing a blog on that tonight or tomorrow.



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