Day3 – P90X3 Yoga

Full disclosure: In the original P90X I did yoga during the first 2 weeks only. I felt like I was literally going to lose my mind while doing the workout. It was an hour and a half and about 45 minutes into it I would realize I am only half way. It’s not a macho thing where I think men don’t need yoga or anything like that, my mind just couldn’t clear to where I could concentrate an hour and a half on it.

I wasn’t looking forward to yoga in P90X3 either. I knew it would only be 30 minutes but I still thought it would be extremely difficult for me to stick with it for the entire 90 days. With that said I, and one yoga session under my belt, I am actually looking forward to yoga next week. It is very challenging and I was falling all over the place but I still had fun. The length is perfect and the pace is fast. No time for the mind to wonder. Isn’t part of the appeal of yoga to let your mind wonder and relax? Maybe I am weird but I cannot do it.

As I said, the moves in yoga are hard, it is challenging, but I feel like a lot of the excess was cut out from the original. You also have to see some of the moves Brian can do. They’re unbelievable.


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