Day 1.5 – Agility X

Well, today I cheated.  I did two workouts instead of one.  Ah, the ol humble brag.

Anyway, today I decided to see if I could do a workout while on my lunch break.  This turned out to be a success.  If you plan on attempting this just please allow time for a shower.  Trust me, you are going to need it.

Agility X is the workout I did today on my lunch break.  For those familiar with the original P90X, Agility X is very similar to Plyometrics in the original.  Plyometrics is often referred to as “jump training.”  Lots of jumping.  Lots of fun.  Lots of nausea due to said jumping.

For Agility X you will need to have tape (masking?) to put on your floor to “mark” your jump targets.  Full disclosure:  I was not anticipating this and with the rush I was in I did not do it.  I had my mental targets and tape lines on the floor and winged it.  My soaking wet shirt and shaky legs tell me I got a pretty good workout even without the tape.  I will be prepared for the next Agility X though with my tape ready to go.

I would say overall I was happy with my performance.  I was able to go full speed with the instructors until about 10-15 seconds were left on the move.  I am satisfied with that for now.  My goal is after the first month to be able to complete each move at full to a moderate pace.

Agility X is a complete burner. Even though its only 30 minutes I still felt like I had done a full round of Plyo.

On to the next!






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