P90X3….on your lunch break

For me to be successful in P90X3 I have to eliminate all excuses.  The ability to knock out a workout on my lunch break goes a long way in eliminating the time excuse. I do realize living so close to work is a huge advantage though.

2:01 – I left work and drank my Shakeology shake on the way home

2:06 – Arrive home

2:08 – After a quick change, Agility X is in the DVD player.

2:40 – Workout is over (takes a little over 30 minutes with the warm up and ads before workout starts)

2:46 – Exit shower and get back in work clothes

2:54 – Arrive back in parking lot at work and type this blog.

Pretty amazing that these workouts are only 30 minutes and still so effective.  I mean I was absolutely drenched after Agility X.  I still am sweating some sitting here in my car and after having a shower.  Ew. TMI.

I will have a full review of Agility X later tonight or in the morning. Love P90X3 so far though.

P90X3 has definitely eliminated the “I don’t have time excuse.”

Gotta go…been 59 minutes since I left work.


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