The Unboxing

P90X3 Unboxing Video

A few highlights-

– The Nutrition Guide and Fitness Guide and combined in one book. I really like this. Less to keep up with. Lots of great info in the Fitness Guide, especially if you are doing your first P90X workout. The Nutrition Guide is great as well. Going to try my best to stick to it!

– DVDs packaging is spectacular. As I go through each workout I will give a review of each. Maybe one a week? We will see. Regardless the packaging is great. It might not seem like a big deal but the case is opened and closed so much it can wear out quickly. I know my packaging in the original P90X was awful. Wore out very quickly due to all of the use.

– I ordered the Basic Kit. It is the cheapest and just comes with DVDs, Nutrition/Fitness guide, workout poster, and stickers. I have my bands and chin up bar from the first round, had no need to order those. To view all of the different package options click here

Overall everything is very well put together. Can’t wait to get started!


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