Recap of Week 3 – P90X3

Well Week 3 is in the books and what a roller coaster it has been.  I say it every week but it is really flying by.  21 days down, 69 to go.

In case you missed it I am doing the Classic routine in P90X3.  Each Block is divided into 4 weeks.  The first 3 weeks of each Block in Classic have a nice mix of cardio, arm and leg workouts.  The 4th week of each Block are referred to as (keep reading…..)



Recap of Week 2 – P90X3

So hard to believe I’m already through 2 weeks of P90X3.  To be perfectly honest, not much has changed from Week 1 to Week 2.  I would say the biggest change I have been able to see is that I am able to do some of the moves easier than when I first started.  This is due to my flexibility improving mostly I believe.  For example, when doing Plyo Push Ups in Week 1 I felt like my body (keep reading….)


Recap of Week 1 – P90X3
It’s hard to believe I have already completed week 1. I started this blog mostly just to document it for myself and hold myself accountable. If anyone actually read the damn thing made no difference to me. I have never had a blog, so I am new to all of this. My blog is lighthearted. (Example of lightheartedness). I take this seriously but I am going to have some fun with it. My first blog post was on December 15th and since then it has had over 1,100 views. I have been completely blown away. I am a numbers and stats junkie so I have really gotten into which blog posts are viewed the most, keep reading…..


My P90X3 Program, Diet, and Equipment

I have been asked several times which routine I am doing in P90X3, as well as my diet, and whether I use bands or dumbbells.  I’m going to take a few minutes to address those questions and give everyone a rundown of how I am doing the program.


In P90X3 you have the 4 different routines you can choose from:  Classic, Lean, Mass, and Doubles keep reading…..


P90X3 Review – The Warrior – Day 6

You’re welcome.  Now that song will be in your head all day and every time you do The Warrior on P90X3.  Patty looks great by the way.

The Warrior is strength training and cardio mixed together. No weights and bands in this one, just your body and gravity.  Similar to a “prison” workout.  Good stretch starts it off, then as has become a trend in this series, the pace picks up very quickly.  Moves are very challenging requiring great flexibility.  Honestly, my flexibility just isn’t there yet to be able to perform some of these…..keep reading….


P90X3 – The Challenge

The fourth workout in week one is called The Challenge.  There is a lot of pushing and pulling in this one so be ready and make sure you stretch extra well.

At the beginning of the workout Tony has you pick 2 numbers, the first is how many push-ups you will do on each move, the second how many pull ups.  For example, my numbers were 20 and 6.  This meant my goal was to do 20 pushups on each different variation of push ups, and 6 pull ups with each different pull up move.  Kind of confusing, but once you start it makes sense.

keep reading….


P90X3…on your lunch break

For me to be successful in P90X3 I have to eliminate all excuses.  The ability to knock out a workout on my lunch break goes a long way in eliminating the time excuse. I do realize living so close to work is a huge advantage though.

2:01 – I left work and drank my Shakeology shake on the way home

2:06 – Arrive home

2:08 – After a quick change, Agility X is in the DVD player.

keep reading…..


Before Pics


Here we go. I am doing my first P90X3 workout today.

-Starting weight- 222lbs

-Waist- 41 inches

-Thigh- 25 inches

-Arms (relaxed biceps) 15″

keep reading….


The Journey Begins Tomorrow

How did I get here?

I’ve been thinking that a lot today. In April of 2011 I had completed a full round of the original P90X and was feeling great. I lost about 30 pounds, had a six pack, could do pull ups for days….it was an amazing feeling. Like most people though, life got in the way…. keep reading


FAQ’s about P90X3


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